About the InProver Detection System

Be the first to see the full details of how the new InProver System from Dadtech will enhance and work alongside any existing intruder alarm system!

This totally revolutionary patented system will update your alarm system and visually show to onlookers/ neighbours wether an actual intruder is in your property!
Unlike now all as you get is an annoying noise, not so with the in-prover, You can now confidently call the police to report somebody is in the property, how many, and where they actually are ! or, identify it as a false alarm.

This system will be available in Spring 2018, there is chance to get your pre order in for a wireless easy to fit system right now and qualify for a ten percent discount, no money will be taken until your order has been despatched, guaranteed.
The Standard InProver kit of an Internal Control Panel, 2 sensors and an External Panel will be retailing at £69.99

Contact Us : info@inprover.com